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In-office MicroVascular Therapy (MVT)

A Breakthrough in the Treatment of Neuropathy

Peripheral neuropathy is a condition of nerve impairment, sometimes caused by illnesses such as Diabetes. It is characterized by pain, burning, tingling, or numbness in the feet. Balance and motion may also be impaired. Over time, this may result in the loss of limb- and in the mean time, the quality of life suffers. MicroVascular Therapy (MVT) is a new mode of physical medicine that addresses the problem uniquely. It is a noninvasive and painfree treatment. More than 85% of MVT patients have experienced improved sensation and reduced pain, and half of these patients have experienced full restoration. No negative side effects have been reported with the use of MicroVas.

How It Works

MicroVas treatments use strategically placed electrode pads in diametrical pairs so that a comfortable, deep-penetrating waveform may pass entirely through the limb. Up to eight pairs of pads may be used in tandem to create an extended pumping action, which will improve circulation and further promote the healing process. MicroVas uses ionic impulses to increase blood flow and induce neuromuscular stimulation of the venous muscle pump to increase the metabolic process. This also causes the oxygen level in the blood to rise. As a result, new blood vessels begin to grow (a process called angiogenesis) as well as new nerve tissue (called neurogenesis) so that actual, physical restoration will follow. Testing suggests this process is cumulative with repeated treatments, and the results to date have been long lasting. Treatments last 45 minutes and are usually scheduled 3 times weekly. The typical treatment cycle is 30-90 days.

If you find that you have several of the following symptoms, you may have peripheral neuropathy and may benefit from MicroVas treatments:

  • frequent burning, tingling, or brief, sharp, stabbing pains in your feet
  • your balance has deteriorated- you're more clumsy and fall on accasion
  • your sleep is disturbed by painful sensations in your feet
  • your toes and feet feel numb to some degree
  • you feel like you are walking on gravel when bare-footed
  • you have an ulcer on your foot that is difficult to heal
  • you need medicine ti help you sleep because of your feet
  • your feet swell and turn somewhat purple when you stand
  • your quality of life has deteriorated because of your foot problems.

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