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Diagnostic Ultrasound

We offer advanced technology in digital based Ultrasound equipment in our office. Diagnostic Ultrasound is rapidly becoming a first choice imaging modality for soft tissue pathology of the musculoskeletal system. Diagnostic ultrasound has several advantages over MRI in the extremities. From a cost containment perspective, it is more affordable and can provide real-time dynamic imaging information that MRI cannot. Patients may be scanned in the acute inflammatory phase of their injury without discomfort. Also, the non-invasive nature of the exam and absence of radiation is preferred by most patients.

Ultrasound diagnostic technology has been applied to the diagnosis of a variety of disorders affecting foot and ankle. Ultrasound images are typically used to help diagnose:

  • tendon tears, such as tears of the plantar fascia in foot or Achilles tendon in the ankle
  • bursitis
  • heel spur
  • cystic masses
  • plantar fibroma
  • neuroma
  • capsulitis
  • ligament tears
  • fractures
  • tibialis posterior dysfunction or rupture
  • foreign body-wood, plastic, glass
  • ankle sprain/strain
  • diabetic ulceration
  • abnormalities of the muscles, such as tears and soft-tissue masses
  • bleeding or other fluid collections within the muscles, bursae and joints
  • small benign and malignant soft tissue tumors
  • early changes of rheumatoid arthritis
  • ultrasound guided injections or aspirations.

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